The group also set-out to examine how by merging it with more traditional strategies like Chemotherapy could improve individual outcomes and potentially result in the development of new cancer treatments and therapies. Traditional Chinese medicine where substances are extracted from natural products or herbs offers been practised for years and years in China, Korea, Japan and additional countries in Asia, regarding to Professor Wen Jiang from Cardiff University's School of Medication, who is the director of the Cardiff University-Peking University Joint Tumor Institute at Cardiff and led the study within a collaboration between Cardiff University and Peking University.Many experts thought that by this invention the issue of lack of specificity was finally solved. But quite contrary: Genuine monoclonal antibodies have often several specific-ities, hybridomas can secrete several antibody, plus they can die, resulting in an irreversible loss of an antibody, forever. Inadequate characterization by the manufacturer, lack of documentation by the product manufacturer, but also by the researchers about which antibody they precisely used compound the issue – – with the consequences that many antibodies usually do not understand their presumed target molecule, that experiments fail or are not reproducible.e., on the basis of artificially assembled DNA.