These elements include those talked about in Bayer’s open public reports which can be found on the Bayer site at The business assumes no liability whatsoever to revise these forward-searching statements or even to conform them to upcoming events or developments.. Leverkusen, 3 November, 2014– Bayer has finished the acquisition of completely of the shares of Dihon Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Kunming, Yunnan, China, a privately kept pharmaceutical company specializing mainly in over-the-counter dermatology products and natural traditional Chinese medication products for several women’s wellness indications. Bayer paid a price of CNY 3.6 billion . This acquisition is normally further proof our try to strengthen our Existence Sciences portfolio with strategic bolt-on acquisitions, stated Dr.I bet my popularity on that, Alex. I am 100 percent sure we will see a substantial bitcoin crash at some time with an ultra-accelerated velocity. It’ll be the quickest crash of any currency previously history of individual civilization. It’ll be a high-velocity crash. Folks are buying bitcoins who have no idea what bitcoins are and who’ve no make use of for them. They are speculators. Bitcoin crash unfolds almost word-for-phrase following my predictionWhat’s specifically freaky concerning this bitcoin crash can be that it followed nearly word-for-phrase from my predicted recipe of the way the central banking institutions could destroy bitcoin.