BioTime CEO Dr. Michael West will discuss these services within his display today on Regenerative Medication: Finding Chance in a Scientific Revolution at the Agora Financial Expense Symposium 2010, 20-23 July, at the Fairmont Resort Vancouver. More information about the products could be aquired online at 1 htm beginning, 2010. West’s display will address the condition of the regenerative medication industry as well as the upgrade on BioTime’s 2010 product portfolio targeted at the near-term study market.Jude research groupings are optimistic that this new information can be an important contribution compared to that final end.. Strike of the killer African snails that may give you meningitis A recently available scare in Texas has drawn focus on an amazingly destructive invasive species that, furthermore to wreaking havoc in regional ecosystems and agriculture, can actually give humans meningitis. The giant African property snail , is known as among the world’s foremost invasive species. Growing up to 3 ins high and 8 ins lengthy, the snail feeds on at least 500 individual kinds of plant life, lives for nine years, and lays 1 nearly,200 eggs each year.