The results came back remarkably clean because of this Orange Carrot flavor, with arsenic, mercury and lead zero virtually. Cadmium showed around 50 ppb, which is quite considered and low a non-issue. Of course, getting juice that lacks all fibers, this Suja juice did not demonstrate properties of binding with and capturing various other toxic elements. But that’s to be expected in a juice. The benefit of a product like this is situated in its complex phytochemical molecules, not really its isolated components.The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Developing Bioengineering Co. Ltd., located in the Qingpu Commercial Zone, offers filed two applications in the certain areas of warmth resistant fermentation technology and probiotics protein beverage. Mr. Jinan Song, CEO and Chairman of China-Biotics, concluded, ‘We continue steadily to focus on the development of our proprietary systems and products to heighten access barriers for our competitors. After we effectively implemented our incentive plan for product advancement and production innovations, our sales team and R&D team are actually working more closely with each other to develop new products, cut costs and increase productivities.