This whole thing strikes me as bizarre for many reasons rather. First, how come the Danish government concerned about people getting an excessive amount of vitamin content within their food when almost all people have a insufficiency in these vitamins? That is accurate in the B vitamin supplements especially, such as for example B6, B12, and folic acid. Maybe people in Denmark progress supplement supplementation than those in the usa, but a lot of people in industrialized countries all over the world suffer from chronic supplement B deficiencies. This is also true if they consume refined or produced foods such as for example breakfast cereals. Secondly, there’s the theory that folks can overdose on B vitamin supplements to begin with.reported today that it offers expanded the number of sites included in its study support with Southern California Permanente Medical Group. Cardiac Network has been providing cardiac monitoring for sufferers in the study since January 2008. The expanded services allow Cardiac Network to demonstrate the standard of its monitors further, cardiograph and services reviews which provide vital data regarding the cardiac wellness of the patients being monitored.