Despite worries about new university graduates finding work in today's tight job market, graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs have found positions in a significantly higher level compared to the national average, said AACN President Jane Kirschling. As even more practice settings proceed to require higher degrees of education for his or her registered nurses, we anticipate the demand for BSN-prepared nurses to stay strong as nurse companies seek to improve quality specifications and meet consumer anticipations for safe patient August 2013 , AACN conducted an paid survey of nursing universities offering entry-level baccalaureate and graduate applications in the U.S.Binge drinking among the center schoolers studied was more prevalent among boys than women. Black and Asian college students reported less binge drinking than Latino and white college students. Thought to be the 1st large-scale research of binge consuming among middle schoolers, the outcomes also showed those that reported binge consuming in middle college were 11 moments as likely to do it again that behavior in senior high school. [From: Parental and College Correlates of Binge Consuming in Middle College. Contact: Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, PhD, Columbia University College of Social Function and Department of Family members and Population Health, NY, .].

Bisphosphonates – osteoporosis medications triple threat of bone necrosis A University of Uk Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Wellness Research Institute research has found that a favorite class of osteoporosis medicines nearly triples the chance of developing bone necrosis, a condition that may result in disfigurement and incapacitating discomfort.