John May, Middle for Global Development’s ‘Global Health Plan’: With the summit ‘likely to raise pledges of around $4 billion to supply family planning providers to 120 million females over another eight years,’ ‘family members planning is back in the centre of the global advancement agenda,’ Might, a going to fellow at CGD and adjunct professor of demography at Georgetown University, writes. He outlines ‘four crucial components for the renewed initiatives on family likely to succeed,’ including ‘a feeling of urgency’; ‘family members planning must stay voluntary’; ‘broader advancement goals [must be] considered’; and ‘policymakers must maintain aware of macro-demographic factors, and the linkages between human population growth and the various other advancement sectors.’ May concludes, ‘Why don’t we always remember that having less information on and free of charge usage of family planning providers deprives the poorest of the indegent from exerting their simple right to an improved lifestyle’ .Gov.-elect Terry Branstad and legislators in both parties have called for state health facility inspectors to cooperate with the industry and take a less punitive method of violators’ . The Associated Press/Bloomberg Businessweek: ‘Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe on Wednesday proposed a almost $4.6 billion budget for the coming year that would cut the state’s grocery tax by a half cent, but said there’s no room for other tax cuts without threatening state services. The proposal offered by the governor’s office would raise the state’s budget by 2.5 %, or around $109 million, for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2011. Beebe recommended increasing the state’s funding for Medicaid by $174 million for the fiscal calendar year that begins July 1, 2012.