Another outbreak of bird flu in Seoul – all poultry in the populous city culled Another outbreak of bird flu in Seoul, the administrative centre of South Korea in under weekly has prompted the culling of most domestic fowl in the city. The Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry says a virulent stress of bird flu was confirmed in Songpa, southeastern Seoul and a suspected case was reported previously in the entire day in Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang Province. The outbreak on a duck farm in Songpa is the second confirmed statement of the H5N1 bird flu in the administrative centre city following a case in the Gwangjin region last week.Asf1 oversees the removal of old histones of the replication fork upstream, and their recycling, alongside the supply of newly synthesized histones to the DNA daughter strands. In so doing, Asf1 collaborates with MCM2-7, a protein complicated that opens the DNA strands to permit the replication fork to progress. Asf1 therefore plays an integral part in replication during cell division by coordinating the recycling of older histones and the incorporation of recently synthesized histones.