KlegermanBlocking the production of CHD4 protein can help increase efficiency of AML treatmentsThe Stage 2 study enrolled individuals with newly diagnosed AML, 60-75 years of age, who could actually tolerate intensive chemotherapy. This randomized research is designed to compare CPX-351 to the standard of care, commonly referred to as ‘7+3.’ In the ‘7+3’ regimen, cytarabine is usually administered as a 7 day continuous infusion and daunorubicin can be administered on days 1, 2 and 3.Sites. Martin added, The coronary indication of preparing calcified lesions for stent positioning represents a large, underserved market opportunity for CSI. Getting rid of plaque, safely and quickly, benefited patients inside our ORBIT I coronary feasibility research who were otherwise untreatable, required bypass surgery, or faced problems with stent deployment due to calcified plaque. We look forward to the opportunity to repeat the favorable outcomes of our ORBIT I study in the ORBIT II trial. Both studies are prospective, randomized medical trials, enrolling 50 individuals at up to 10 sites, with 12 month follow-up. Our growing foundation of data places us in a unique leadership position to supply physicians with the data they need to optimize patient outcomes, affect the cost of care favorably, and standardize practice recommendations.