Population, the rising costs of government health-care programs particularly. For instance, the CBO projected the government would spend $1.6 trillion on Social Protection, Medicare, and Medicaid in 2012, 44 percent of the federal budget. In 2022, the federal government will spend $3.0 trillion on those applications, 54 percent of the federal budget . And in other financial news – Bloomberg: Jobs Boost As Health Care Eclipses Factories The maturing of America could be best for the U.S. Labor marketplace. An increasing number of the elderly and rising health-care spending are traveling demand for workers from nursing aides to surgeons. While the economy lost 7.5 million positions during the recession, health care expanded staff.The experts are currently working on the administration of triple treatments during pregnancy for females who can or whose medical position requires this, and also on the use of an antiretroviral treatment within the period that follows the one dose of NVP to be able to prevent the appearance of level of resistance mutations. Another alternative being investigated is the feasible substitution of NVP by various other medicines, either in the avoidance therapy against perinatal transmission or in the 1st retroviral therapy administered to mothers who need it. Even so, the efficacy of the technique for preventing childhood Aids has prompted Thailand, supported by WHO, to choose to promote this new straightforward mixed AZT/NVP treatment program. The results of the investigation will be shown completely at the forthcoming globe conference on Aids that will happen in Bangkok, in July 2004..