‘The malaria parasite has already been showing signs of level of resistance to current medicines, and we urgently need to fill the malaria medicine chest with new medications to treat the millions suffering from this disease. We anticipate working carefully with Anacor, putting this compound through the rigours of preclinical studies to build up a effective and new next generation antimalarial.’.. Anacor Pharma, MMV enter agreement to build up AN3661 for malaria treatment Anacor Pharmaceuticals announced today that it all has entered into a development agreement with Medications for Malaria Venture to develop Anacor’s substance AN3661 for the treating malaria.The beam shoots at the roots of the hair under the skin surface to prevent it from developing back for a long period. However, this sort of pain isn’t similar to the pain one feels after a major operation. Although both are surgical procedure, a laser treatment doesn’t need a prescription for pain management drugs, which medical procedures patients receive after getting away from the operating room. Particularly, hair removals on the relative back again and upper body areas and the legs and arms could cause some discomfort, however, not epidermal pain.