More than 50 percent of the accidents happened in the house and most accidental injuries to infants had been because of falls from beds, sofas, prams, change tables, stairs and high chair and the damage level fell as the kids got older. School, sports activities venues and playgrounds had been also found to become dangerous areas even though children under two were discovered to be similarly at risk, in the old groups men dominated and for school-age children, sports activities were a major reason behind head injuries, with nearly a third because of football.Company of home healthcare providers and medical equipment, chosen Authentidate’s Inscrybe Healthcare web-based provider to simplify completion of health care documentation with doctors. We think that Inscrybe can help us to improve communications with this referring doctors while accelerating the completion of health care documentation for services, devices and supplies because of their patients, said Tom Robbins, CEO and President in LifeCare Solutions.