Threat of death is age-related In the most severe case, the bacteria trigger serious disease from which around 10 percent of sufferers die within a month of medical diagnosis. Erik Backhaus shows in his thesis that the risk of dying is dependent partly on age and partly on underlying medical ailments, but that the risk is higher for men than women also. Interestingly there are also geographical variations: fewer significant pneumococcal attacks are diagnosed in the over-80s in the Gothenburg region than in other areas of the V-stra G-taland region. This can be because of different routines for admitting patients from nursing homes to hospital and how often blood cultures are performed, he explains.Goldberg, M.D., F.A.C.R., CEO of Angion Biomedica. This exciting study provides key insights as to whether the encouraging data we generated in preclinical versions will translate to patient benefit. .

Arrayit Corporation joins authorities in their attempts to help control health care costs Arrayit Corporation is very happy to join the government in their initiatives to help control health care costs by leveraging Arrayit’s leading edge healthcare platform. For more than 150 years, traditional medicine offers relied on a ‘standards of treatment’ model, which utilizes large cohorts of people as the data collection and essentially treats every person in an identical way. While this medical model offers a good paradigm for standard healthcare practices, it is woefully deficient in that it fails to consist of genetic and epigenetic variations between people along with the interplay between our genes and environmental elements including medication, diet plan and other lifestyle considerations.