Sometimes the pain can become sharp and intense in this certain region — enough to keep a youngster at night up. A person with appendicitis won’t feel very hungry and might have a slight fever. Some people usually do not want to move around because they feel better if they lie down and relax.ContinueWhat Do Doctors Do? Any right time you have belly pain, you should tell your mom, dad, or additional adult who’s looking after you. If your doctor thinks you might have appendicitis, you would have to go in for an office visit or even to the emergency department.A urinalysis may be purchased to exclude urinary tract infection as the reason for the patient’s symptoms. Imaging tests: Imaging tests are purchased when the diagnosis isn’t readily apparent. A CT scan of the belly and pelvis can assist in evaluating abdominal pain suspected of being due to appendicitis. Ultrasound scanning is commonly used in small children to test for appendicitis to avoid exposing the kid to radiation from CT scans. Other conditions that trigger abdominal discomfort might mimic the symptoms of appendicitis making the diagnosis more challenging. These conditions include kidney stones, urinary system infections, hernias, gallbladder and gallstones problems, colitis, diverticulitis, and ovarian or testicular problems..