Chikungunya fever rampant in Sri Lanka’s north The Sri Lankan government has confirmed that the viral fever spreading quickly amongst people in Jaffna, may be the mosquito-borne Chikungunya fever. It really is suspected that more than 5,000 folks are thought to have been infected with the virus which has now reached epidemic levels. Sri Lankan Health authorities have called on the public to clean up areas where mosquitoes breed of dog in order to avoid the spread of the condition .

The experts discovered 14 % of the ladies in the scholarly study who were given an epidural acquired postpartum depression, while nearly 35 % of ladies who did not receive anything to regulate pain during childbirth offered postpartum major depression. Additionally, the researchers found the women in the study who attended childbirth classes during pregnancy and breastfed their baby also were less likely to develop postpartum major depression. An evergrowing body of analysis has indicated that despair and chronic pain frequently go hand-in-hand, though hardly any research has been executed that particularly examines depression in brand-new mothers.