The startling advance could enable scientists to model lung disease soon, screen drugs, study lung development and – someday – generate lung tissue for transplant. For the first time, researchers can begin focusing on methods to use a individual's own epidermis cells to generate functional lung tissue, said RBCC CEO Patrick Brown. While incredible, this is only the most recent breakthrough in the booming field of stem-cell study and regenerative medication.On the positive aspect, Sullivan found: Kids who were born pre-term possess a persistent get to succeed. Children whose mothers supplied a nurturing environment and who were strong advocates for them in school performed better academically, socially and physically. They are called protective factors and they work to counter the consequences of pre-term birth. ‘These findings are important for parents, nurses in the neo-natal intensive treatment units, teachers and personnel in the educational schools, disability solutions offices in schools and primary care companies,’ Sullivan said. ‘By determining the issues pre-term babies encounter in childhood, adolescence and through adulthood, we are able to all be better prepared to take steps to mitigate their effects.’..