EBITDA before special products rose by 8.8 % to EUR 8,284 million . Adding to this were an excellent business performance and cost savings from the efficiency plan successfully completed in 2012. Revenue benefited from positive currency results totaling about EUR 400 million also. Net gain declined slightly by 1.0 % to EUR 2,446 million . Primary earnings per share, nevertheless, improved by 10.8 % to EUR 5.35 . Gross cashflow fell by 11.1 % to EUR 4,599 million , while net cashflow declined by 10.4 % to EUR 4,532 million . With December 31 Net credit card debt was level, 2011, at EUR 7.0 billion. ‘This included extra funding of EUR 1.0 billion for our pension fund in the fourth one fourth of 2012,’ described Chief Financial Officer Werner Baumann.Cancer patients have got increased threat of cognitive dysfunction Cancer patients might have an increased risk of cognitive dysfunction compared with individuals who have never had cancer, according to a new study in the June 1 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Study has documented that cancer sufferers can exhibit cognitive deficits that persist even at 5 years after treatment. However, how long these cognitive deficits last or if they worsen and become more apparent in old age–when the risk for cognitive dysfunction is definitely higher–is not known. To look for the extent of cognitive deficits in malignancy individuals, Beth E. Meyerowitz, Ph.D., of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and co-workers conducted a report of 702 malignancy survivors from Sweden and their cancer-free of charge twins using data collected through the Karolinska Institute.