Sainsbury’s has organized a summit between teens, government figures and its own chief executive Justin King to deal with issues including junk food, diet and exercise. Mr King says the company wants teenagers to greatly help them develop practical suggestions and new concepts for young people and their families to allow them to make informed options about their health insurance and the meals they eat.. British teens clueless when it comes to a healthy diet A survey simply by a large supermarket chain in Britain provides revealed that a third of teenage women are on a diet plan or have lately tried to lose weight. The survey in addition has unveiled the ignorance of kids of both sexes in what they have to eat to become healthy. The survey by Sainsbury’s also exposed that though only 14 percent of teenage males admitted to dieting, 25 percent of them eat less than 800 calories a time which represents only a third of their suggested daily amount.Should we worry about antibiotic resistance? Completely and the global world Health Organization has called that one of the largest threats to human health today. Antibiotic resistance is usually a nagging problem that affects people, and we all need to be section of the solution. With few brand-new antibiotics being developed and antibiotic resistance increasing worldwide, it is becoming more difficult to treat attacks. The advancement of antibiotics was one of the most important advancements in medicine.