While the full great things about these plant-based phytochemicals are emerging still, it’s encouraging that research is beginning to embrace the potential of preventative, nutrition-based health solutions.. American Chemical Culture embraces plant-structured polyphenols as powerful nutrients for preventing disease, boosting longevity It seems mainstream science might finally be catching up with what nutritionists possess known for hundreds of years: antioxidant-wealthy plant-based polyphenols may build health insurance and stave off disease.The PHG identifies 4 parts per trillion as an even of arsenic in drinking water that would not be likely to pose a substantial human wellness risk. Joan E. Denton said. The PHG is situated upon studies of thousands of individuals in Taiwan, Chile and Argentina with bladder and lung cancers associated with elevated levels of arsenic in drinking water. OEHHA estimates a degree of 4 parts per trillion of arsenic in normal water would cause only one additional cancer case in a inhabitants of one million people drinking two liters of drinking water daily for 70 years.