Arizona judge threatens mother with jail time for speaking out against illegal medical kidnapping This is actually the face of judicial tyranny in Maricopa County, Arizona, where the juvenile justice program has run amok, illegally holding innocent kids hostage while denying their parents’ First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights as guaranteed beneath the Constitution. This encounter belongs to Presiding Juvenile Judge Colleen McNally, who at this time is threatening to throw a mother in prison – – not for any crime, but simply for speaking with others about the crimes of Judge McNally and her buddies in Child Protective Services. Get yourself a good understand this face: This story is similar to that of Justina Pelletier’s family and their experience with Boston Children’s Medical center, or Isaiah Rider’s family members and their knowledge with Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, along with many others.The headset, produced by neuroengineering business Emotiv, has multiple sensors that place brainwaves into action. Individuals who put on the headset can visualize activities, which correspond with particular commands such as for example triggering movements then,’s Kara Tsubio reviews. Technology services firm Accenture has developed software program that links the headset with Phillips clever devices. The user’s brainwaves navigate a cursor via an app that syncs and settings specific appliances.