Generally, the more serious the symptoms, the much more likely the patient are affected short – and long-term problems. Short-term complications include other organ injury furthermore to possible loss of life.Long-term complications include lung scarring and recurrent pneumonia.. Chemical Pneumonia Prognosis Prognosis depends upon the chemical publicity and person`s medical condition. For example, an elderly person with lung disease subjected to moderate levels of vaporized ammonium chloride might suffer much more serious problems as compared to a young athlete with no lung problems.The typical methods to increase shelf life would be to add preservatives to the product. Being health mindful, Chipotle stated no to preservatives and discovered a solution both simple and elegant: sourdough. The Oldest Leavened BreadFermentation is among the earliest forms of food preservation. Sourdough has wealthy history as the first leavened bread, and its use of naturally occurring yeast has made it accessible to anyone because it was recognized. Using this time-tested method for insuring its breads would last longer, Chipotle will be able to keep the shelf lifestyle its tortillas require without lab derived chemicals and offer a healthier product that attracts the informed customer.