‘The Apple Valley INFIRMARY already provides a wide range of medical services,’ said Mike Foley, Administrator and Chief Operating Officer of the Apple Valley Medical Clinic. ‘Offering a Sleep Center is just one more way we are able to help to enhance the health of this community.’.. Apple Valley Medical Clinic inaugurates new Rest Center to supply quality care The Apple Valley Medical Clinic has opened a new Sleep Center, located at 15100 Galaxie Avenue in Apple Valley. The guts, under the medical direction of Scott Benson, M.D., a grouped family medicine physician with the Apple Valley Medical Clinic, offers preventive care, treatment and diagnosis of sleep disorders.The individual cannot cough the object out and cannot breathe, talk, or even make noise. The person may grab at his / her throat or wave their arms. If the trachea remains blocked, the person’s face risk turning from scarlet to blue. Your body needs oxygen to remain alive. When oxygen can’t reach the lung area and the brain, an individual can become unconscious, sustain brain damage, and also die within minutes. That’s why is choking such a serious emergency. What Is the Heimlich Maneuver? The Heimlich maneuver is a way to help someone who is choking. It’s generally performed by another person, but there’s a good way to do it on yourself, if required.