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Tumor cells proliferate without any apparent limits, and therefore, they are dividing constantly, but their telomeres usually do not gradually become shorter; the key behind this system is definitely that the telomerase enzyme in cancers cells remains energetic, while in most healthful cells telomerase is turned off. The constant restoration of telomeres by telomerase is definitely, in fact, among the mechanisms which allows tumour cells to be immortal and divide endlessly. Hence, an obvious strategy to fight tumor is usually to inhibit the telomerase enzyme in tumour cells. This process has been examined before, but with worrisome results: telomeres do shorten, but this shortening can be lethal to tumour cells only after a variable amount of cell divisions essential for telomeres to become completely eroded- – hence the effects aren’t instantly seen. Continue reading

Today announced that Jeana DaRe.

today announced that Jeana DaRe, Ph.D., Associate CLIA Laboratory Director at Transgenomic, presented clinical findings from individuals tested for nuclear mitochondrial disorders using Transgenomic’s NuclearMitome Test on Thursday, March 29, at the 2012 Annual Getting together with of the American University of Medical Genetics in Charlotte, NEW YORK. The discussion, titled Medical re-sequencing of over 410 genes to diagnose mitochondrial disorders included details of both technical efficiency of the NuclearMitome Test and also the wide selection of revealing results clinically discovered through its make use of. Continue reading

Blogs address London Summit on Family members Planning The London Summit on Family Planning.

John May, Middle for Global Development’s ‘Global Health Plan’: With the summit ‘likely to raise pledges of around $4 billion to supply family planning providers to 120 million females over another eight years,’ ‘family members planning is back in the centre of the global advancement agenda,’ Might, a going to fellow at CGD and adjunct professor of demography at Georgetown University, writes. He outlines ‘four crucial components for the renewed initiatives on family likely to succeed,’ including ‘a feeling of urgency’; ‘family members planning must stay voluntary’; ‘broader advancement goals [must be] considered’; and ‘policymakers must maintain aware of macro-demographic factors, and the linkages between human population growth and the various other advancement sectors.’ May concludes, ‘Why don’t we always remember that having less information on and free of charge usage of family planning providers deprives the poorest of the indegent from exerting their simple right to an improved lifestyle’ . Continue reading

BSN graduates much more likely to get careers than other professionals.

Despite worries about new university graduates finding work in today's tight job market, graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs have found positions in a significantly higher level compared to the national average, said AACN President Jane Kirschling. As even more practice settings proceed to require higher degrees of education for his or her registered nurses, we anticipate the demand for BSN-prepared nurses to stay strong as nurse companies seek to improve quality specifications and meet consumer anticipations for safe patient August 2013 , AACN conducted an paid survey of nursing universities offering entry-level baccalaureate and graduate applications in the U.S. Continue reading

Checkpoint Surgical completes $1.

Checkpoint Surgical completes $1.7M Series B investment round Neurodevice firm Checkpoint Surgical completed a $1.7 million Series B expense round led by the NDI Healthcare Fund in December 2011, and secured non-dilutive funding of over $1.3 million, including a $1.065 million Innovation Ohio loan and a $245,000 federal grant. Checkpoint Medical was founded in ’09 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.’ Checkpoint Medical is using the funding to support its advertising and sales attempts and new product development. The ongoing company distributes its products in the U.S. Through a combined mix of direct sales and distributors. Continue reading